This is a pioneering project with emphasis on Electronics and Aerospace & Defence Industry, from Design to Manufacturing. This “Lab-to-Fab” plan is different from the other manufacturing parks which are built on the sole principle of manufacturing or providing land and basic infrastructure.

 An Integrated cluster approach to leverage on the synergy of Industry-Academia collaboration on the lines of Hsinchu Science Park at Taiwan, making this proposed park one of its kind in India.

 This park, instead of following a blanket approach, is focused on Hi-Tech Electronics and Aerospace & Defence Industry.

 Unlike other parks, this is not a developer led initiative rather it spearheaded by a group of eminent industry professionals and academicians. The promoters of VIC have experience which cumulatively add to 200 years in establishing large business operations, and have the global contacts to ensure development of this cluster.

 VIC is well positioned as a pilot project with the Government of India in its proposed Electronics Manufacturing Cluster scheme.

 An MOU has already been entered into with the Institute of Information Industry (III), Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan ROC, for establishing an integrated Taiwanese innovation and electronics manufacturing cluster. III has a global standing and this collaboration only goes on to prove the worthiness of this project in time and opportunity space.

 Skill development is the keystone to the sustained growth of any industry, more so for electronics. VIC intends to undertake skill upgradation programs to build relevant skill sets of the local population. This will help to make them employable for the needs of the various units at the park. This has the apparent advantage of contributing to the economic conditions of the region too.

 It has been globally recognized that relevant and focus education and innovation forms the backbone of sustainability and success of any industry development programs. With the long term view of nurturing talent and attracting global experts, VIC plans to build a world class Innovation University with the park. The inspiration for such an innovation city has come from the globally renowned ITRI, Taiwan.

 To ensure that the park offers its occupants a high quality of life, social infrastructure like banking, retail, entertainment, living spaces, hotels, convention centres, office spaces among others have been planned. Thus the holistic character of this park will be fulfilled.